Local Wikibase Instance

The following is an introduction on how to build your own Wikibase instance using Docker. This instance can then be used for testing modifications using the Wikibase API without risking unwanted changes to the live instance.


Install Docker and docker-compose if you don’t have the tools already.

Setting up Wikibase

Next, use wikibase-docker to set up Wikibase and its query service on your machine:

  1. Create an empty directory: mkdir wikibase-docker && cd wikibase-docker
  2. Download the docker-compose.yml file from the wikibase-docker repo to the directory: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wmde/wikibase-docker/master/docker-compose.yml
  3. Set up the Docker containers: docker-compose pull
  4. Start the containers: docker-compose up

After a while, you should have a Wikibase instance up and running. MediaWiki can be accessed on http://localhost:8181 and the SPARQL UI at http://localhost:8282.