You can use the following steps to test and modify this library on your machine.


Make sure you have Python 3.6+ and Poetry installed.


  1. Clone the repository from GitHub.

  2. Run make install to install the project’s dependencies and Git hooks.

  3. Set up wikibase-docker by following the “Local Wikibase Instance” guide.

  4. Rename the config-example.json file to config-tests.json. This is the configuration file that will be used for testing. Fill in either the oauth_credentials or the login_credentials parameters and delete the other. If you didn’t change wikibase-docker’s configuration, you can use the following:

      "apiUrl": "http://localhost:8181/w/api.php",
      "loginCredentials": {
        "botUsername": "WikibaseAdmin",
        "botPassword": "WikibaseDockerAdminPass"

    In config-tests.json, you can also specify other parameters you want to pass to the Wikibase class during testing.

  5. Make your changes to the code.

  6. Make sure the tests are still passing (make test).